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A New Bicycle. Mr M Pedersen of Dursley, with that ingenuity for which he is known, has recently constructed a safety bicycle of remarkable character. It's weight is only nineteen pounds and the maker has tested the strength in an extraordinary way, he having ridden it up Whiteway (a very steep hill) in Dursley, England.

The Dursley Gazette 21st October 1893

Mr. Pedersen's bicycle is one of the most beautiful bicycles ever invented, with regards to harmony, strength and lightness in the frame.

It might look a bit different than other bicycles of today, but it's only a coincidence that the "normal framed" bikes aren't Pedersen cross framed bicycles.

I have been a cyclist for more than twenty years, and have done much hard riding, sometimes 5000 miles in one season. I soon found there was much room for improvements in the construction of cycles, although it was only when I got my first safety that I saw how much yet remained to be done in this direction. Mikael Pedersen's account of how he came to create his unusual bicycle.


After more than a century, Pedersen's design continues to be an example of unique craftsmanship in a world of mass-produced convention. Pedersen bicycles are a link to the past, when cycling brought independence and freedom of movement, when quality was apparent, when details mattered, when style was beautiful. Henry Meudt.

If Mr. Pedersen had had the same skills as a businessman as he had as an inventor, the Pedersen bicycle would have been the most widespread bicycle of all. But Mr. Pedersen was unfortunately a very poor businessman and he died a poor man. His bicycle became a collectors item instead of a most commonly used bicycle.
Mads Rasmussen.

A Gloucester firm are said to have acquired a patent for the manufacture of a 12 lbs (5,4kg) bicycle which will carry a 14 stone (89 kg) man. One thousand machines are being made and they will soon be on the market.
From The Ingenious Mr Pedersen, by David E Evans.

patent dpx

(Feb 2013) - Lister Petter’s decision to up-sticks from its historic site in Dursley to a business park in Hardwicke makes perfect sense for the bean counters, but comes as sad news for anyone with a love of history, heritage and tradition... [Read full story at - opens in new window].

A fundraising ride to save the historic Herne Hill Velodrome in south London was supported by 2,500 riders on 23/6/2013. David Eccles (Redmon CC) rode his 1913 original DP on the 100 km route through rolling Surrey countryside - and passed many inferior modern machines on his way!


A complete size 3 DP was sold on eBay, July 2013 - ready for re-assembly! Nice to see the unusual photo of all the stripped-down parts.

The Winning bid was 1,687 GBP - for all these bits, plus the complete frame and wheels (frame number 6743 3).