A tune

"Double Bass Dreams" by Mikael Pedersen

(The file-format is midi and it doesn't sound that well).

Mikael Pedersen in full military uniform on his folding military bicycle.

Mikael Pedersen was also a musician His music room in Raglan House in Dursley contained many instruments some of which he had altered from standard or constructed himself. Among these were a French Horn with special mouth piece and bass and double bass viols on which he could get notes of uncommon difficulty. An example of Mikael's composition exists - short, rather lilting tune that one might whistle when pottering on a cycle through country lanes. It's entitled 'Double Bass Dreams or Violin Whims' As written it goes up far beyond the normal range for a double bass player yet a footnote on the score states that it should be played even higher - two octaves higher! some of his own wind and string instruments were not very successful but a few were later improved and found their way into the band of R. A. Lister & Co.

Quote: "The Ingenious Mr. Pedersen" by David E. Evans