Trials and tribulations of that saddle

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1903 No7
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Trials and tribulations of that saddle

Postby 1903 No7 » Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:00 pm

My Pedersen came with a saddle, the front part of which had a disintegrating leather cover. (Fig 1). This was remade , but the saddle itself collapsed on my first ride (Fig 2) requiring a re-make.

The original was clearly in 2 halves (Fig 3) and I wish I'd taken this into account when re-weaving, but the VCC study guide suggested 1 piece. Fig 4 shows the completed "warps" on the jig, but when it came to the "wefts" the tapered shape meant the cross runs slipped forward when tension was applied. So, the resulting saddle has less "wefts" than original but seems to function OK, and, I think, looks reasonable. (Fig 5). Next time I'd do 2 separate halves but lock each side together with a cross over loop.

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Re: Trials and tribulations of that saddle

Postby colegrave » Fri Sep 26, 2014 9:33 pm

I've re-woven dozens of these saddles over the past 30-odd years, and many of them came to me with the remains of what was almost certainly the original hammock.

Never have I come across one made in the 'kipper' fashion illustrated, although I don't doubt that it may well be an 'original'. It's pretty apparent that they were made by outworkers, who seem to have had some degree of freedom to use their own initiative (and cord apparently, although an eighteen-thread cotton sometimes augmented with a thread or two of silk seems to have been most usual), and I can't see that the 'kipper' pattern should be any more unsatisfactory than the usual pattern.

However, with a little bit of experience it really isn't very difficult to make one of these all in one piece - just remember to start in the middle!

Anyway, after fifty miles or so they're all damned uncomfortable in my experience - best to fit a leather cover for 'distance work'.

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Re: Trials and tribulations of that saddle

Postby Thakery » Fri Jul 10, 2015 10:24 pm

Hi Colegrave,
I am trying to build a woven saddle for my Kemper Pedersen. I have been using your photos for reference.
There is one thing perhaps you might help me with, or anyone else who might read this, and that is what diameter is the rod used for the loops on the cantle? I have used 10mm for the cantle but can't find any measurement for the loops.

Hope this finds you well and your saddle is holding up!


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