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Pedersen Pedals

Posted: Wed May 08, 2013 8:18 pm
by 1903 No7
In David Evans book “The Ingenious Mr Pedersen” there is an illustration of pedals from an early Pedersen patent (No 27769, 1897) (Fig 1). As my Pedersen came with non matching pedals with bent shafts it seemed a good idea to modify some worn out Bramptons, kindly donated to the cause by another cyclist, after all, the chances of getting original ones would be somewhat remote.

So, by re-scaling the pedal drawings on a photocopier, the sizes of the side pieces, slots and various features could be copied, or estimated, allowing the re-modelling of the donated pedals “in the style of” Pedersen originals. The bits (nickel plated) are shown in Figure 2 and the completed job illustrated in Figure 3 to encourage others to have a go.

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