Seat springs

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Seat springs

Postby cluley » Mon Aug 03, 2015 7:19 pm

Greetings, I am restoring a 1911 Pedersen size 3 that I acquired in derelict condition. It has a D.P. 3 speed hub and a handlebar change lever that I had to have nickel plated and rivet back together. For some unknown reason the hub was drilled for 36 holes, maybe this was an export model. I had some difficulty locating a suitable Westwood rim but now the whole machine is looking really good and I have 3 remaining problems to sort.

Problem 1 is soldering up the brake cables, for which I think that I need to make a solder pot so that I can use my blowtorch.

Problem 2 is something I have struggled with for the whole of the 7 years since I took on the restoration of this restorer's nightmare, and that is the springs that go behind the seat. - Where oh where can I obtain a set of suitable springs because I only have 2 originals and their fixings are almost worn through?

Problem 3 is the adjustment of the 3 speed hub to run correctly without play.

I have restored many bicycles and I can certainly recognise quality when I see it. This is very definitely something that is absent in the construction of my 1911 machine where the frame has been built out of line and bent into the correct alignment. The hub gear seems to be very difficult to service and repair with its myriad locking rings and left and right hand threads. The quality of the original plating on the machine is very poor, thin and applied directly over steel rather than over copper.

One other challenge that I had was finding brake eyebolts to replace the larger than standard type after one of mine was lost by the platers. I had a batch made in stainless steel so if anyone needs one of these, I would be able to supply them. Has anyone had any springs made in the various lengths?

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