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Chrome plated Sølling CPH Pedersen Knock Down version. Size

Posted: Wed Aug 13, 2014 4:22 pm
Copenhagen Pedersen Knock Down bicycle frame size L made by Jesper Sølling for sale.

Sølling appraised the frame a couple of weeks ago without the saddle on to 20,000.00 DKK. With the exchange rates of 2014-08-13, USD 3.586,45, GBP 2.148,39, EUR 2.682,29.

However, I am open to suggestions so feel free to send me an offer.

A sales offer has been posted on eBay under the topic/eBay item number: Copenhagen Pedersen Knock Down chrome plated bicycle frame size L/161391207986.

A series of photos can be found on eBay.

I tried here to enclose a picture but couldn't. Suggestions how to do are welcome.

Please feel free to make your inquiries.

Comments and suggestions are also welcome!

This bicycle frame is a rare beauty of its own.

English description:

Rare in limited number manufactured original “Jesper Solling” hand build “Copenhagen Pedersen” bicycle “Knock Down” frame with nickel-plated seat post and original handmade ”Knagsted” Pedersen handle bar.
The frame in size L was manufactured in the nineteen nineties in Poppe & Potthoff seamless CroMo25 13x0,8 precision steel pipes.
The frame that was chrome plated under the present ownership has been a collector’s item, and has never been ridden on since the manufacturing.
It is fitted front and aft with bosses for brakes. Unused complete Suntour cantilever brake parts with VX handles and cables are supplied with the frame.
New saddle in black leather as well as the handle bar and seat post have never been used.
Frame size L 700 C is made to fit people of the following sizes: Leg length 2' 46'' - 2' 72'', Body hight 5' 71'' - 5' 97''. (US measurements)
Other parts on request.

Deutsche Beschreibung:

Seltenes Original Jesper Sölling handverfertigte Kopenhagen Pedersen „Knock Down“ (teilbare) Rad Rahmen mit vernickelten Sitzposten und originalhandverfertigtem vernickelte "Knagsted" Pedersen Fahrrad Lenker.
Der Rahmen in der Größe L wurde anfangs den neunzehnneunziger Jahren aus Poppe und Potthoff CroMo25 13x0,8 Präzisionsstahlrohr verfertigt.
Er wurde demnächst unter dem gegenwärtigen Eigentümer verchromt, ist ein Sammler-Artikel gewesen und ist seit der Herstellung nie geritten worden.
Vorne und hinten auf sind Hülsen für Bremsen vorhanden. Unbenützte Suntour Canti-lever Bremsen mit VX Griffe und Draht werden mitgeliefert.
Der Sattel in schwarzem Leder ist neu und der Fahrrad Lenker und Sitzposten auch nie verwendet worden.
Rahmengrösse L 700 C passt zu folgende Grössen: Beinlänge 75 - 83 cm, Körpergrösse 174-182 cm.
Andere Teile auf anforderung.

Re: Chrome plated Sølling CPH Pedersen Knock Down version. S

Posted: Wed Aug 13, 2014 5:56 pm
Why I want to sell?

Because I am getting married and my coming to be is not as interested as me in Pedersen bicycles, which obviously musn't be kept indoor!

So I had to choose between this and what I a driving, so the frame is looking for a new owner.

Re: Chrome plated Sølling CPH Pedersen Knock Down version. S

Posted: Wed Aug 13, 2014 6:13 pm
URL for site on eBay: ... n&_sacat=0

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Re: Chrome plated Sølling CPH Pedersen Knock Down version. S

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 5:32 pm
by chairider
I am very interested but have a few questions. First, this is a knock down frame... perhaps this sounds stupid... but once assembled, what holds the frame together ? Second, I don't understand your size guidelines. Can you give these to me in cm ? I'm 188cm tall. Would this fit me ?