A Pedersen from last millenium

Tell us about your Pedersen. Age, maker, colour, special features? Tell the world how lucky you are!
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A Pedersen from last millenium

Postby JesperHedegaard » Wed May 15, 2013 2:15 am

Hi - well, it's actually only barely true as mine is produced in 1999 ;o)
Was actually looking for a mountainbike (sorry !), but realized that we have no mountains in Denmark.
Then I stumbled over an add for a 2nd hand Pederen at a very fair price - and I was sold....or rather; I bought it ;o)

According to seller he got it from Jesper Sølling as seller was going to Japan to make a promotion tour for Danish products - Pedersen included.
Luckily for me he brought it back home againg.

It has a 3-speed Sram rear hub and Shimano SR-7 V-brakes on top of the usual features.
After a good cleaning I got rid of allmost all surface rust - only the cover blade on the crankset and the chainring bolts are un-salvageable.
Will work for now but wil be an eyesore untill changed.
A litle polishing of the frame will take last traces of rust - and a little touch-up paint would be nice...if only I can find a shop that still carries it and not only spray paint.
New tubes and tires was not really needed - but it can save you a lot of trouble if the old ones are in worse shape than they look.
The old fenders was not that bad, but I didn't like the colour - so off they went. Bought a set of shiny black fenders - but didn't pay attention to the size of the package, therefore I now have a chopped rear fender. I had allready installed the front fender before I unpacked the rear, so it was kind of too late to take them back to the shop.
And with the new, relatively wide tires I find that the bike now has some weird kind of Hot Rod look. Weird, perhaps - but I like it ;o)
A coupple of bits more entered the scene; a wireless bike computer and a set of magnet powered lights came to.
Considering a few options for adding luggage capacity without adding a rear rack. So far I like either a Klickfix Variorack, a small front rack mounted on V-brakes mount or a bag mounted on the handlebar. Gotta make up my mind as a backpack is getting too hot on my back ;o)
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